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As an integrator of cloud systems, we have tested many of the solutions available on the market. None of them was as flexible as we needed, while at the same time would provide excellent system performance such as DataCenter PPNT. Advanced technological solutions such as VMware NSX virtualization perfectly harmonize with the highest quality hardware to ensure scalability, speed and security.

Marek Adaszyński 4Clouds.io

Using Veeam's backup technology to our servers guarantees us security and a great flexibility in the recovery of individual system components as well as entire virtual machines for deployment and testing.

Dariusz Włodarczyk Partner Starfounds Sp z.o.o

The migration process of our supervoip.pl server infrastructure to DataCenter PPNT solved all problems with interruptions of the access to telecommunications services. As a result, we stopped worrying about infrastructure issues and gained the appreciation of our customers.

Tomasz Pawałowski Właściciel – ST LINE


The VMware NSX network virtualization platform for Software-Defined Data Center allows our customers to create, save, delete and restore virtual networks on demand without reconfiguring the physical network. It also provides a better security model.