Spam protection

The spam protection service provides comprehensive protection by seamlessly integrating with any email system.

This enterprise-class solution is also designed for the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, public institutions and local government units, which introduce to the IT infrastructure extensive tools for mail flow control and protection against unwanted messages and malicious software.

This service does not require any investment in physical equipment or additional training for IT staff or employees of the company.

Thanks to the implementation of spam protection, within one hour from the moment of making a business decision, the entrepreneur receives a fully functioning spam protection and antivirus system.

  • Very high efficiency level, reaching 99.9%.
  • Additional anti-virus protection with two independent engines.
  • Low "false positive" coefficient, i. e. classifying the desired correspondence as spam.
  • Administrative panel, allowing access to reports, self-determination of „black” and „white lists”, i. e. lists of undesirable and desired senders.
  • Possibility to define e-mail notifications for administrators and users.
  • The quarantine management allows you to decide for yourself which correspondence is to be delivered to the recipient's mailbox.
  • Possibility of integration with your postal system by verification of recipient's address.
  • Possibility of transferring the entire postal system to DataCenter within the framework of hosting and implementation services.
  • The system is located in DataCenter, which meets the highest technological standards.
  • Professional support provided by experienced server room staff.
  • Grono satisfied customers.
  • Low price of the service, proportional to the number of protected mailboxes.

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