Public administration

Using professional data center services contributes to increasing the effectiveness of spending public funds and efficient operation of offices.

DataCenter PPNT assumes full responsibility for the smooth operation of the IT infrastructure, and a team of experts providing ongoing technical support is dedicated to each project. This model relieves administrative units from the need to employ their own teams.

The use of the latest technological solutions also contributes to improving the quality of offices' operations, both at the central and local level.

The aim of transferring services to a professional data centre is first of all constant availability and data security.

Understanding the needs and specificity of our Clients' operations, we have implemented a high availability policy and we also ensure the highest quality of security, which is guaranteed by ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 20000 Certificates. the security level of Data Center PPNT is accepted even by banks.

  • Need a secure, technically and legally secure third-party provider of advanced IT services?
  • Do you need a guarantee of confidentiality, consistency and data integrity?
  • Need a professional Data Center to collocate servers?
  • Need a national data centre without the risk of a foreign entity taking over?
  • Would you like to have a guarantee that your data is processed in Poland, in a known physical location?

Services: Virtual Data Center, Cloud computing, Backup and archiving, Storage Data Centres, Disaster Recovery, IT Projects, Administration of IT environment

If you care about data security and cost optimization at the same time - write to us, we will prepare a competitive offer and conduct you through all the implementation processes.

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