Backup data center

Your business needs security first and foremost.

This requirement appears to be an obvious need for every company in every aspect of its operation. However, there are specific areas where the requirement to ensure security, understood as business continuity, data protection at every stage of processing and storage, consistency with the requirements of the applicable law are particularly important. The higher awareness of the dependence of the business on access to systems and data, the greater care for providing properly designed solutions.

Companies using their own data centers are aware of the requirements that server rooms should meet, but more and more often having one location does not meet the security requirements of a given company. The commissioning of a backup data centre solution significantly increases the guarantee of availability of the systems and the information processed in them. From the customer's point of view, it is an immediate possibility to switch all services and operations from the primary location to the backup centre.

DC PPNT as a premium service provides customers with the comfort of continuous operation in the event of failures or other events causing unavailability of basic IT infrastructure. Thanks to this, it allows to maintain systems, data and IT services. It ensures the continuity of the company's operations and, what is most important, it allows to minimize potential business and financial losses arising as a result of unavailability of the company's basic IT infrastructure.

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