Large companies and corporations

The aim of transferring services to a professional data centre is first of all constant availability and data security.

Understanding the needs and specificity of our Customers operations, we have implemented a high availability policy and we also ensure the highest quality of security, which is guaranteed by ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 20000 Certificates. The security level of Data Center PPNT is accepted even by banks.

DataCenter PPNT is responsible for the continuity of all processes without interrupting the company's operation.

Large companies and corporations must not allow for interruptions in server operation. Efficient functioning of IT systems is also required to be able to quickly expand the IT environment for new projects. Data Center PPNT provides a flexible approach to changing market conditions and continuous IT support through a dedicated team of experienced experts.

  • Would you like to analyze the process of migrating to the cloud?
  • Do you need to design the optimal server environment?
  • Do you need additional resources quickly, without going through a laborious investment process?
  • Need a proven data and infrastructure security to deploy the necessary solutions and services for an uninterrupted IT environment?
  • Need a national data centre without the risk of a foreign entity taking over?

Services: Virtual Data Center, Cloud computing, Backup & archiving, Storage Data Centres, Disaster Recovery, IT Projects

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