Dedicated servers

This is the solution for customers who want to have control over the physical part of the infrastructure without becoming its formal owner. We support our customers in the selection of equipment and software suppliers. Depending on the size of the project, we select specific devices and install them in a server room in a separate space.

Support may also cover the installation and configuration of software and operational activities. Thanks to such a solution, the customer can have a private cloud at his disposal, among other things, without sharing computing power with other users. Such a model is a combination of IT services on the customer's chosen hardware configuration without the need to be involved in the process of selecting and purchasing hardware. Most importantly, we provide our customers with a professional location space and support in setting up and managing the environment.

Our approach distinguishes our approach by individual selection of solutions for each customer - we do not rely on several ready configurations, which give the customer a very limited selection field. For us, each customer is a new project, which we take care of with full commitment so that the configuration of the hardware is fully adjusted to their individual needs.

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