Disaster recovery

Each of the services provided by DC PPNT includes the predominant aspect of infrastructure and data security. In order to provide our customers with the maximum sense of comfort, we still offer a unique DRaaS service - Disaster Recovery as a Service. So far, the implementation of Disaster Recovery for the company has meant significant investment outlays for the construction of the company's own Data Processing Centre. Another possibility was to use the services of a collocation provided by an external supplier. As a result, the costs of ensuring business continuity of the enterprise were higher than the creation of the base location. The situation has changed dramatically with the development of virtualization and cloud services. The use of DC PPNT for Disaster Recovery purposes allows (cost-efficiently) to provide full protection for business critical systems and applications. DRaaS enables replication and sharing of physical and/or virtual customers' servers at the processing center and infrastructure of the service provider. This is to ensure that the systems can be transferred (failover) and started up at the supplier's premises at the expected time in the event of a customer location failure or a natural disaster.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) reduces costs and increases efficiency and accessibility for many businesses. It is a particularly attractive service for small and medium enterprises, which do not have the necessary knowledge and competence to provide, configure and test an effective Recovery Plan. Using the DRaaS DC PPNT also means that the organization does not have to invest and maintain its own Disaster Recovery environment.

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