Technological security

DataCenter PPNT's technological security ensures the use of world-class suppliers' infrastructure. When designing the infrastructure, we made sure that all infrastructure elements are redundant so failure of a single component does not affect the functioning of our services.

Energy security

Energy security is ensured by separation of two supply lines, which operate in a way that is 100% independent of each other. This gives us the possibility to switch off a single track in order to carry out the necessary maintenance work, without affecting the functioning of services that are guaranteed by the second track. The entire power supply system has been designed in the 2N model, i. e. each device is multiplied and possible failure of up to 50% of the power supply infrastructure does not cause interruptions or loss of service quality. The power supply infrastructure consists of:

  • 2 transformer stations Medium Voltage/Utilization Voltage,
  • 3 power generators (1 for each track + excess generator),
  • 4 UPS running in 2 synchronized pairs of 1 for each supply line,
  • 2 PDU for each cabinet (1 per supply line).

Environmental safety

The appropriate environmental conditions, which are the temperature and humidity of the air, are provided by the Emmerson Network Power (Vertiv) cooling system. Each section of the server room has its own pair of 2 air-conditioning devices, responsible for temperature and humidity control. The entire cooling system is supplied by three N+1 cooling water units. Failure of a single unit does not affect the cooling quality in the server room. In addition, the heat exchangers are also supported by a dedicated UPS to avoid temperature rise when switching from basic to emergency power supply.

Fire safety

All the rooms of the data centre infrastructure are protected with dedicated automatic extinguishing systems. Due to the separation of the systems, any possible discharge of the extinguishing gas is only in the room where smoke is detected, verified by two independent detector lines. The DataCenter PPNT installation use the HFC227 gas, which does not cause thermal shock for equipment operating in the extinguished room.

In addition, the server room is protected by the "Stratos" fire detection system. It is an ultra sensitive system that reacts to changes in the air structure and is designed to detect a potential source of fire even before it actually occurs. It is an informative system, so a possible false alarm does not trigger gas discharge, but merely informs the server room operator of the need to verify potential threat.

Physical security

The DataCenter PPNT server room is located in a non-active seismic area above the floodplains with the confirmation  of the Poznan Regional Water Management Board, which confirms that:

"The area of PPNT is not located in the area of a particular flood hazard within the meaning of Article 9 of the Water Law Act (Journal of Laws of 2012, item 145, as amended), i. e. The probability of flooding is high once every 100 years, and once every 10 years, and the area between the coastline and the floodbank or the natural high bank into which the dyke route has been built in. OSZP, i. e. the area of special flood hazard does not reach the railway embankment, and the water level with the probability of occurrence once every one hundred years (p=1%) is about 56,10 m above sea level. The maps show that the area including PPNT is located on the level of approx. 75 m above sea level, which confirms that the site is outside the OSZP."

The street adjacent to the facility is characterised by a low traffic volume, and the building that houses your data is protected by a licensed security agency. The access to the server room and technological rooms is secured with an access control system, based on the 2-stage confirmation of the identity of the person entering. All data center rooms are supervised by CCTV surveillance system, with cameras recording images also in the dark. The entire system has passed the positive certification of the ISO 27001 system, audited by a renowned TUV Nord.

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