Cloud computing and migration

Cloud - this is an increasingly common concept, embracing a range of capabilities and services based on virtual data center solutions. Cloud users can provide products and services in the PaaS model - Platform as a Service, SaaS - Software as a Service or CaaS - Communication as a Service.

To enter an innovative development path, each company faces the challenge of whether and how to migrate to the cloud.

This is not only a challenge for IT staff. If a business decision is made to migrate to the cloud, a number of challenges arise for the team of people in charge of the process. The migration process includes both the project part and the physical activities necessary to carry out the whole project successfully. The paradigm shift in the use of IT infrastructure today concerns primarily companies from the Small and Medium Enterprises segment.

Such companies usually do not have an extensive team of IT employees, nor do they have the required experience in virtual environment management, which could give the possibility to create a private cloud for the needs of the organization. Using professional WCD gives you the prospect of using the latest tools without the risk of investing in an unknown area. The shifting of systems to the external data center is mainly supported by optimization of the budget through reduction of costs related to maintenance of own infrastructure and employment of appropriate specialists.

The professional external staff as part of the IT service model is a solution to customer's problems in terms of project management, security and legal issues, as well as guaranteed quality and business continuity.

DC PPNT supports the customer at every stage of the migration - from analyzing the currently used resources in terms of their reflection in a virtual environment, through the preparation of the demonstration architecture in WDC, launching it and carrying out a series of tests with the customer, to the migration of resources to the Data Center. In addition, if requested by the customer, DC staff assists the company in environmental management.

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