Backup and archiving

Without a sensible backup policy to restore original data in the event of loss or damage, you cannot think of safe business today. Each of our IaaS customers uses an optimized backup tool based on Veeam's global provider solution.

We do not charge additional charges for creating copies or for the storage space used to store the backup. 

As a standard, each customer receives full security of their systems with 14 days retention in the Virtual Data Centre service. Veeam Backup&Replication allows you to recover not only the entire virtual machine, but also individual files or MS SQL tables. The security of our customers' data is maximized by separating physical backup arrays that are located in a different physical location from the server room. Each time we determine the key parameters of the backup policy with the customer. We do not only offer technology alone. In accordance with the philosophy of the closest possible cooperation with customers, we support them at every stage - from the design of infrastructure to the production start of production systems and after-implementation support. 

Spending time and working together at the initial planning stage will not only save time for managing the service at a later stage, but will also give the customer a sense of comfort and security when it comes to data recovery.

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