Production enterprises

Invest in what you earn.

A prerequisite for the development of industry, regardless of the industry, is a close specialisation and focus on the key processes that lead to it, and therefore appropriate investments. Outsourcing of IT services allows for cost optimization while at the same time improving the quality of services. In such a model, investment funds may be used for the development of technological lines or process automation.

DataCenter PPNT offers global solutions at a price tailored to the needs of Polish companies.

Thanks to the scalability of our services, we provide companies with much better parameters than those available in most of the company's server rooms. The cloud computing models we create are strictly tailored to the needs and size of a given enterprise. Thanks to this solution, the customer pays only for the resources used.

  • Do you don't want to wait hours to change the network configuration of your environment?
  • Do you don't know how to design the environment for your project?
  • Do you not know if the application you use on your server can be moved to the cloud?
  • Are you afraid that your employees' mailboxes are at risk?
  • Are you worried about the compliance of your IT infrastructure with RODO requirements?

Services: Cloud computing, Backup and archiving, Antispam Protection, IT environment administration, Virtual environment for ERP CRM

If you want to focus on your business development and provide IT infrastructure support in good hands, please write to us. We will prepare the most advantageous offer.

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