Trade and eCommerce

Online store managers are aware that the key to success is not to choose the most expensive solution, but to adapt it to existing processes.

The eCommerce market in Poland is growing rapidly. E-commerce complements or completely displaces traditional trade - large retail chains often operate in parallel in both areas. The rapid growth of the market entails rapid technological changes, mobile access to the store's offer and real-time customer service have become standard.

DataCenter PPNT customers are both small and large companies. We know that the growing demands of consumers make it necessary for shop owners to constantly develop and improve their services, which is why in both cases we prepare our offer of services so that the customer pays only for the resources used, while at the same time being able to quickly expand the IT environment.

DataCenter PPNT is responsible for the continuity of all processes without disturbing the shop's operation.

The eCommerce industry cannot afford to interrupt servers. The security level of the Data Center PPNT is acceptable even for banks.

  • Need an efficient infrastructure to operate your trading platform?
  • Do you require a ready-made, fully managed environment that will ensure seamless business continuity?
  • Do you need to scale your resources according to the period, reacting dynamically to seasonality?
  • Do you need resources only for the duration of the project, which will be used as a test or development environment?
  • Do you don't want to invest in equipment that will not be fully utilised?

Services: Cloud computing, Backup and archiving, IT Projects, IT environment administration, Virtual environment for ERP CRM

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