IT projects

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer support in running IT projects, implementing innovative solutions and integrating many different systems.

In order for customers to grow their business safely, they aim to diversify solutions, search for optimal suppliers and expand the capabilities of their company. The DC PPNT team, wanting to build a long-term relationship based on real benefits, helps clients in the area of systems located in its own server room, but also in the customer's on-premise model. With many years of experience in this area, we offer a wide range of partner support.  We will design, integrate and implement dedicated solutions together with the customer, based on leading server, database, backup, corporate communication systems.

We implement and integrate both commercial and OpenSource-based software, from various Linux system distributions through databases to open source commercial platforms.

Our specialty are projects related to virtualization in the broad sense of the word. We share our knowledge and experience by consulting, implementing and integrating solutions and projects based on the VMWare ESXi platform, Microsoft HyperV. We help you to choose the optimal virtualizer, taking into account the needs and capabilities of your customers. We pay attention to the costs of solutions, financial capabilities, potential and experience of the customer's IT staff, and analyze hardware solutions. Each project is based on the assumption of an advanced, long-term cooperation between the project partners.

Outside of the software area, we are ready to implement solutions in the scope of ready-made solutions such as backup systems, monitoring of IT infrastructure, design and construction of LAN/WAN network infrastructure.

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