Collocation of the Crypto Miners

For entrepreneurs operating on the market of acquiring cryptocurrencies, we offer a dedicated service of colocation of data processing equipment. As part of our service, we help you to design the optimal location of your devices, as well as professional solutions for power supply and cooling. We provide space for both GPU-based and dedicated ASIC - Application-Specific Integrated Circuit machines - commonly known as cryptocurrency mining machines.

As part of the promotion for entrepreneurs, we offer a special price.

  • Monthly service fee including the cost of energy and air conditioning calculated for a single device - the cost of 1 kWh - 0.85 PLN net,
  • Rent of space in secure DataCenter included in the service,
  • Continuous and uninterrupted access to the network and power supply included in the service.

The devices have different sizes and power supply methods, therefore we will adapt the colocation space to customized solutions. We offer our customers a rack cabinet with the possibility of delegating a separate, closed section only to the customer's disposal.

Specialized computing servers can also be used for other tasks in the broadly understood area of processing large data packets, such as

  • rendering of graphic designs on GPU-based machines,
  • operating as a company server 24/7,
  • work as a high-performance graphics station,
  • computational cluster for scientific applications.

Entrepreneurs who want to present the possibilities of their computing environment to potential customers can obtain a dedicated demo space with their own marketing identification.

We offer not only professional collocation space. Interested entrepreneurs will receive support at every stage of the project from our partner, a company specializing in planning architecture, construction and management of computational machines.

Contact us. We will prepare a special offer for your company.

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